Kyle Ginty

Kyle GintySenior Investment Analyst, Vanguard

Kyle Ginty is a two-time graduate of the College of Charleston, 2008 - B.S. Economics & 2011 - M.B.A. concentration in finance. Kyle is currently employed by the investment management firm Vanguard as a Senior Investment Analyst for their US Retail Advice Methodology division specializing in portfolio construction. Kyle has been with Vanguard for the last 10 plus years beginning his career there in late 2011. During his tenure at Vanguard Kyle has held several positions across the retail, finance, and fixed income investment management divisions. Highlights of his time at Vanguard include roles as a trader on Vanguard’s Global Bond Indexing desk and an international assignment in London managing the implementation and research functions for Vanguard’s Global Fund Accounting division.